Remove Nail Fungus The Natural Way

Are you presently tormented by how unpleasant your nails look? And I am sure that you probably dislike to see how yellow your nails appearance. Maybe that is a case of getting fungus on the nails. Now, we will be discussing how to remove nail fungus the natural way.



If you wish to remove nail fungus infection naturally, you have to discover the real cause and to cope with it. Prevention is preferable to cure. Inside a real existence example, the tree will continuously grow if you chop down it and leave the stump. You need to uproot the tree if you want to stop it from growing.
The fungi is a result of harmful bacteria breeding around your nails. The bacteria love moist and warm conditions, therefore, it would benefit you to keep your nails dry and cool. It is not a smart idea to put on tight fitting shoes simply because that can only make your toes moist and warm.



Another point to take note of is that, you are more prone to getting fungus on your nails if you have recently suffered from a serious disease for example leukemia or something like that. This is because the body’s natural immune system could have been weakened by the disease, so which makes it easier for bacteria to breed on your nails. After all, if you want to remove nail fungus naturally, try consuming nutritional supplements that improve your body immune system.
Now, let start working on the cures. As you want to remove nails fungus, you should attempt natural treatments that have anti-fungal attributes. Garlic is such an example. You may smash some garlic, mix it with water until it finally gets mixture as a paste, and apply that paste onto the affected area. Aside from the garlic herb, apple cider vinegar treatment has been proven to be extremely effective at coping with infections. You can apply some topically as well as drink a cup of diluted apple cider vinegar daily because bacteria hate apple cider vinegar. More natural cures consist of herbal oils such as almond oil, lemongrass oil, and tea tree oil.
At this point, I really hope you have a greater idea of the best way to remove nail fungus the natural way. Do keep in mind these points that that we have mentioned today, and may you be fungus infections free in the days in the future!


Simple Nail Design Ideas – Do It Yourself

Nail designs, commonly called nail art, is a quickly emerging trend in the world of beauty and fashion. You don’t really need to be great at craft. DIY nail designs offers you the opportunity to explore your creativity, in turning your nails lovely, utilizing some basic materials and techniques which can be also economical. You can very well do without them though there are a number of nail art kits that are commercially available. You can refer to some online guides, if you fall short of nail design ideas or there is not much that you will need to create beautiful nail designs. Here are tips with a few nail designs that are simple, quick and easy to draw on your nails that you can do it by yourself at home.
Emoticons on Nails: Color your nails using a base coat of light blue, light pink or a clear base coat. Then draw emoticons like smiling, happy, cool, weeping, grinning, and angry and etc. on your nails. Draw a circle with bright yellow nail polish, then draw an expression inside it.



Summer on Nails: These are another great nail design idea, and look particularly good on cute nail designs for short nails. Imagine things that represent the summer time of year, just like a smoothie, fruits, sunglasses, caps, sun and so on. Practice drawing simple cartoon designs of these things on papers. Then color your nails with a base coat color you choose, preferably a mild color. Then use the nail art brush and carefully paint these designs.

nail design idea

Fruity Cocktail: Practice drawing some easy fruit nail designs on the paper first, like banana, watermelon, pineapple, and many others. Then color your nails with a base coat of fresh green shade, and utilize the nail art brush to draw these sweet simple nail designs.



Musical Nails: These designs seem really great on your nails. To try these ideas, color a white base coat color on your nails. Then use black-colored shade, and draw shapes of half-notes, clefs, and quaver, and flats, etc. using the nail art brush.


Nails are an essential part of our look, so do not ignore them. Even a tiniest detail can make a difference. Discover the style which matches your character and making it your unique manicure. Make the most stunning nail art designs and have yourself some impressive nails.

Essential Tips For Healthy Nails

Our nails are much noticeable to every one while we talk with actions. So it is essential for us to take a little time and to educate ourselves on how to care for healthy nails. Here are some Dos and don’ts that you are required to follow.
Dos are:
Once a while leave your nail without applying nail polish in order to allow them to breathe.
After hand wash always use hand lotion or cream.
While doing gardening or any household work, wear gloves and apply cream or hand lotion before wearing the gloves.
To strengthen your healthy nails, apply oil to it whenever possible.
Your diet should contain plenty of calcium and vitamins. This will help your nails to grow fast.
Manicure should be done once a week in order to remove dead skin and cuticles.



Nails should not be exposed to sun for a long time and too much of swimming will dry up your nail. So apply moisturizer before you wet your hand.
If nails are brittle and broken or split easily, keep them oiled always.
Don’ts are:
Don’t do any job with your nails which can actually be done by scissors, pliers or hammer.
Don’t cut cuticles
Don’t shape your nail when they are damp.
Don’t keep your hand in hot water, this will lead to breakage of your nail.
Don’t bite or chew your nails.



Use orange stick or nail brush to clean your nails.
Don’t put your hand in detergent for a long time; this will again lead to breakage of your nails.
Don’t peels-off your nail polish as and when you wish, always use a standard remover to remove your nail polish. As this is the correct method to clean your nails.
These are some few important dos and don’ts that you are supposed to follow in order to keep your nail look strong, healthy and beautiful.

French Manicure – An Elegant Design For The Nails

The French manicure has remained well-liked for several years, and there is good reason. This kind of nail polishing is simple but very elegant. It is natural looking that most women like in contrast to painting nails bright and unnatural hues. The French Manicure is suitable for every kind of occasion whether it is work or play because the basic colors of a French manicure are very light or colorless. You can use a French manicure at your workplace putting on a business suit or with a dinner in your evening dress.



The French manicure is essentially a polishing design that takes a number of steps to finish. The nail is decorated with a pinkish or natural color and the tip is painted white. There is a clear demarcation between the nail tip and the rest of the nail.
Naturally, we are now living in a world of creativity nowadays and lots of women now prefer to decorate their French manicure with nail art. It is a decoration added to one or more nails. However, nail art ought to be selected carefully in order to not dilute the elegant designing of a French manicure.

SNS Gelous Color is the one and only product that is able to create both the natural look of a French Color Tip and the multiple color designs. With over 350 colors, you can perform many types of design: Embedded 3D design, design background etc. “With SNS Gelous Colors, the possibilities are endless!” Visit us for more information


Glitter Nail Art With French Manicure

You would utilize the whitened-colored powder to create a French manicure to essentially fresh paint the disposable side from the nail making a perfectly curving smile line to best increase your natural nail form. Use sheer pink powder, possibly after or before you have made your French whitened-colored tip, in regards to the appearance you have to obtain.


French manicure Glitter Nail Art looks spectacular with quite simple designs. As an illustration, a hands colored floral as well as a rhinestone is very easy to produce but seems good clean when using the French manicure background.

Other French manicure designs might be made using fiberglass, acrylic (liquid and powder) or Glitter Nail Art. All extension or advancement items possess a whitened-colored tip option for dealing with this French well-saved look, with SNS nails’ choice of dipping system , being a skilled nail expert you will find a way to produce long-lasting French manicure nail art making use of acrylic shapes, glitters and gold beads to title a few.
The dipping process is easy and instructions can be found in the SNS instruction book, plus a listing of all of the necessary items you will have to make these kinds of stunning designs.

French manicure is considered as the popular service a professional nail technician can offer. It’s wonderful thoroughly clean, matches anything and you may make sure it is enjoyable with colored flowers, rhinestones, dots, and glitters.

A French manicure appearance that is stepping into recognition might be overturn French or colored tip. Overturn French still uses the pink and whitened-colored powders but uses the whitened-colored inside the entire nail your pink across the nail tip. This could be commonly colored in almost any color powder you have. Great mixtures are lively pink and vibrant yellow or metallic crimson and silver.


Another style throughout the French manicure is created by altering French whitened-shaded tip finding a colored glitter nail art, especially for your holidays or possibly a getting together with. You ought to use glitter pieces, regular glitter or iridescent flakes and select from hundreds of Gelous Colors inside the SNS nails’ website