Simple Nail Design Ideas – Do It Yourself

Nail designs, commonly called nail art, is a quickly emerging trend in the world of beauty and fashion. You don’t really need to be great at craft. DIY nail designs offers you the opportunity to explore your creativity, in turning your nails lovely, utilizing some basic materials and techniques which can be also economical. You can very well do without them though there are a number of nail art kits that are commercially available. You can refer to some online guides, if you fall short of nail design ideas or there is not much that you will need to create beautiful nail designs. Here are tips with a few nail designs that are simple, quick and easy to draw on your nails that you can do it by yourself at home.
Emoticons on Nails: Color your nails using a base coat of light blue, light pink or a clear base coat. Then draw emoticons like smiling, happy, cool, weeping, grinning, and angry and etc. on your nails. Draw a circle with bright yellow nail polish, then draw an expression inside it.



Summer on Nails: These are another great nail design idea, and look particularly good on cute nail designs for short nails. Imagine things that represent the summer time of year, just like a smoothie, fruits, sunglasses, caps, sun and so on. Practice drawing simple cartoon designs of these things on papers. Then color your nails with a base coat color you choose, preferably a mild color. Then use the nail art brush and carefully paint these designs.

nail design idea

Fruity Cocktail: Practice drawing some easy fruit nail designs on the paper first, like banana, watermelon, pineapple, and many others. Then color your nails with a base coat of fresh green shade, and utilize the nail art brush to draw these sweet simple nail designs.



Musical Nails: These designs seem really great on your nails. To try these ideas, color a white base coat color on your nails. Then use black-colored shade, and draw shapes of half-notes, clefs, and quaver, and flats, etc. using the nail art brush.


Nails are an essential part of our look, so do not ignore them. Even a tiniest detail can make a difference. Discover the style which matches your character and making it your unique manicure. Make the most stunning nail art designs and have yourself some impressive nails.


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