Curing Gel Nails With The Right UV Lamp

There are two types of Gel nails – those that cure without having a UV light (non-light gels) and those that cure under a UV light. The ones which can be cured under a light are considered to be the best gel nails. They finish and look better and they last longer. UV lamps form an integral part of a professional nail salon or spa or even for those who would like to do their nails at home. UV light helps cure gels, acrylics, and enamels on your nails perfectly. They prevent the gel or acrylic from cracking up by curing the product on the nail completely.
It is essential to select the right UV lamp to cure your gel nails for the perfect finish. They are available in various models and offered by several manufacturers so you have a wide variety of lamps and bulbs to select. You may be confused as to what would be the best lamp to go with your services, as a first time purchaser for your salon or spa. Here are some suggestions you can trust when you go in for your UV lamps buy:
Check the manufacturers’ antecedents – a manufacturer who is currently providing gel nail merchandise and its related accessories has better chances of providing you a lamp which is of good quality. They already have the reputation of their site to take care of and will not supply shoddy products. You are also likely to get a much better discount on your lamp as part of your gel nail kit. Select a lamp with 110V if you are in the US and get a 220V lamp if in Europe while shopping on the internet. Otherwise, you may end up getting something you are unable to use


Choosing the appropriate wattage for curing – think again if you order for a lamp with only a 9 watt bulb and hope to achieve curing. It is really not highly recommended for nail salon use. You need to invest a lamp with at least 24-36 wattage for the nails to cure. There are also bulbs which have wattage of 54, to lessen the treating time. So wisely thinking, check the future growth prospects of your business and then invest.


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