Tips to Maintain Healthy Nails

Clean and healthy nails are part of ones’ personality. It is essential to maintain them and keep your nails in good shape. Going to a nail salon frequently can be expensive; therefore it is essential to learn the art of maintaining them on your own. Regular cleaning will make your nails healthy, happy and keep them glowing.



Below mentioned are few tips to maintain the health of your nails
Tip 1: Ensure Nails are Clean
If your nails are sooty and dirty all you need to do is spray some soap, get a brush and rub it on nails. Next step is to wash nails with a mild soap, giving attention to your wrist, in between nails and fingers. If you happen to see accumulated dirt inside your nails, use a toothbrush and scrub it on nails in a circular movement. Use lukewarm water to rinse them and allow them to be dry. This will make them feel fresh.



Tip 2: Apply Moisturizer.
Apply some moisturizers after thoroughly cleaning them. Take the cream in your palms and massage them gently moving it from fingers to nails. Yoghurt, olive oil, warm milk and lemon juice can also be used. Massaging will help in enhancing blood circulation apart from hydrating skin. This will result in healthy and glossy nails.
Tip 3: Trim Nails Regularly
Thought long nails look glamorous, moderate length looks healthy and neat. Trim nails at regular intervals and use a filer to smooth the edges. Cuticles and the skin around them protect your nails; ensure you never try to cut them. Simply push them back.



Tip 4: Fresh Nail Polish Should be Applied Once a Week
Never apply one new coat of polish on the older one. Remove it, give a break to your nails and then paint them. Also get engaged in nail art, it is fun. Avoid using strong shades as it may lead to discoloration. Soft enamels are a better option.

Tip 5: Strictly avoid Acetone
Avoid using nail polish remover that has acetone. This will lead to nail damage. It contains harmful chemical that lead to nail shrinkage. Use a good quality nail polish remover. Also never use nails to unpack cans or bottles; they will damage and will cause a crack in nails.
Tip 6: Warm Olive Oil and then Apply
For nourishing nails and making them strong, one should soak fingers in warm olive oil for approximately 6-9 minutes every week. This would help in getting rid of weak, peeling and damaged nails.
Tip 7: Vinegar is the Best Way to Avoid Dull Nails
Dull and yellow nails are a strict embarrassing and can put one in an awkward situation. Use vinegar to wipe your nails and check the brightness. This activity can be conducted once in two weeks. Ensure you use the right quantity and avoid using it on skin. The odor of the vinegar remains with the skin.
Tip 8: Use Hand Gloves to Protect Nails
Household work like cooking, gardening and laundering may lead to dry nails. This kind of work may peel off nails. Hence to avoid further damage, one can use hand gloves.
Tip 9: Pamper your Nails
One can visit a salon to pamper oneself with treatments like facials for the face and body, hair spas and manicures for hands and nails. Stress-free body can help in healthy growth.
One should drink lots of water to avoid accumulation of toxins. This will make your body and skin glow. This will also help in hydrating nails and allow them to turn healthy and accelerate its growth. Include eggs, avocado, grains in your diet.


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