Nail Design Ideas Ways To Beautify Your Nails Every Season

Nail design ideas, nail design or nail art has emerged as one of the most popular nail beautifying ideas among the young adults these days. They end at nothing to find the latest look and express their ideas through nail art. Nail color of different shades teamed with stones, beads are a hot favorite. Nail jewelry like dangle will also be used to create a unique look and attract a lot of attention. The color, style and design chosen for beautifying your nails can differ either by occasion, season or even your mood.



Nail design is a way to help make your nails look really good and it lets you experiment with as many designs as the occasions or seasons demand. Designer nails can really make you look fashionable and chic. You can also give the simpler designs a try at home with your friends although nail art is best done by a professional. As you grow greater with the designs you will be able to generate even complex models with ease and unleash your imagination.
You can use black varnish as a base coat and then make figures of skulls, ghosts, Jack o Lantern and various Halloween figures when it is Halloween.
Some cool nail art designs to pep up the spirit for Christmas can be to use red or white nail paint and then decorate your nails with tiny Christmas trees, candy canes, holly leaves, bells or even a little Santa with a toothpick as the holiday season nears. Also you can add more sparkle for your nails to make them seem festive and glamorous. Winter calls for shiny metallic finish for the nails and then painting snowflakes with white nail paint on them.
You can go for the Zebra, Dalmatian or Tiger designs if you think animal prints go well with your outfit. A white nail base with appropriate color stripes or dots to represent the animal and you are done with your look.



Blue base paint with transparent varnish can create a sea like look. Marine nail art can make you look really cool. Sea horses and dolphins also look really good. You can use various colors for the fish and a little bit of green paint for the weeds.



Nature can also be represented on your nails beautifully. Flowers of different hues in all shades dark and light can be experimented with and never go out of style.



Bridal nail design should surely be a part of your nail beautifying session if you are getting married. A manicure followed by pink varnish as a base and then using your imagination to paint tiny white flowers would make your nails look really delicate and ready for your wedding gown.




While gardening, remember to wear gloves, apply cuticle oil for moisturizing your nails and of course apply your top coat often to maintain the look you have so painstakingly created. It is a great way to attract attention and also maintain your nails at the same time.
Nail design is for everyone who wants to look good and show off their creative talents on their nails.


Remove Nail Fungus The Natural Way

Are you presently tormented by how unpleasant your nails look? And I am sure that you probably dislike to see how yellow your nails appearance. Maybe that is a case of getting fungus on the nails. Now, we will be discussing how to remove nail fungus the natural way.



If you wish to remove nail fungus infection naturally, you have to discover the real cause and to cope with it. Prevention is preferable to cure. Inside a real existence example, the tree will continuously grow if you chop down it and leave the stump. You need to uproot the tree if you want to stop it from growing.
The fungi is a result of harmful bacteria breeding around your nails. The bacteria love moist and warm conditions, therefore, it would benefit you to keep your nails dry and cool. It is not a smart idea to put on tight fitting shoes simply because that can only make your toes moist and warm.



Another point to take note of is that, you are more prone to getting fungus on your nails if you have recently suffered from a serious disease for example leukemia or something like that. This is because the body’s natural immune system could have been weakened by the disease, so which makes it easier for bacteria to breed on your nails. After all, if you want to remove nail fungus naturally, try consuming nutritional supplements that improve your body immune system.
Now, let start working on the cures. As you want to remove nails fungus, you should attempt natural treatments that have anti-fungal attributes. Garlic is such an example. You may smash some garlic, mix it with water until it finally gets mixture as a paste, and apply that paste onto the affected area. Aside from the garlic herb, apple cider vinegar treatment has been proven to be extremely effective at coping with infections. You can apply some topically as well as drink a cup of diluted apple cider vinegar daily because bacteria hate apple cider vinegar. More natural cures consist of herbal oils such as almond oil, lemongrass oil, and tea tree oil.
At this point, I really hope you have a greater idea of the best way to remove nail fungus the natural way. Do keep in mind these points that that we have mentioned today, and may you be fungus infections free in the days in the future!

Simple Nail Design Ideas – Do It Yourself

Nail designs, commonly called nail art, is a quickly emerging trend in the world of beauty and fashion. You don’t really need to be great at craft. DIY nail designs offers you the opportunity to explore your creativity, in turning your nails lovely, utilizing some basic materials and techniques which can be also economical. You can very well do without them though there are a number of nail art kits that are commercially available. You can refer to some online guides, if you fall short of nail design ideas or there is not much that you will need to create beautiful nail designs. Here are tips with a few nail designs that are simple, quick and easy to draw on your nails that you can do it by yourself at home.
Emoticons on Nails: Color your nails using a base coat of light blue, light pink or a clear base coat. Then draw emoticons like smiling, happy, cool, weeping, grinning, and angry and etc. on your nails. Draw a circle with bright yellow nail polish, then draw an expression inside it.



Summer on Nails: These are another great nail design idea, and look particularly good on cute nail designs for short nails. Imagine things that represent the summer time of year, just like a smoothie, fruits, sunglasses, caps, sun and so on. Practice drawing simple cartoon designs of these things on papers. Then color your nails with a base coat color you choose, preferably a mild color. Then use the nail art brush and carefully paint these designs.

nail design idea

Fruity Cocktail: Practice drawing some easy fruit nail designs on the paper first, like banana, watermelon, pineapple, and many others. Then color your nails with a base coat of fresh green shade, and utilize the nail art brush to draw these sweet simple nail designs.



Musical Nails: These designs seem really great on your nails. To try these ideas, color a white base coat color on your nails. Then use black-colored shade, and draw shapes of half-notes, clefs, and quaver, and flats, etc. using the nail art brush.


Nails are an essential part of our look, so do not ignore them. Even a tiniest detail can make a difference. Discover the style which matches your character and making it your unique manicure. Make the most stunning nail art designs and have yourself some impressive nails.

Essential Tips For Healthy Nails

Our nails are much noticeable to every one while we talk with actions. So it is essential for us to take a little time and to educate ourselves on how to care for healthy nails. Here are some Dos and don’ts that you are required to follow.
Dos are:
Once a while leave your nail without applying nail polish in order to allow them to breathe.
After hand wash always use hand lotion or cream.
While doing gardening or any household work, wear gloves and apply cream or hand lotion before wearing the gloves.
To strengthen your healthy nails, apply oil to it whenever possible.
Your diet should contain plenty of calcium and vitamins. This will help your nails to grow fast.
Manicure should be done once a week in order to remove dead skin and cuticles.



Nails should not be exposed to sun for a long time and too much of swimming will dry up your nail. So apply moisturizer before you wet your hand.
If nails are brittle and broken or split easily, keep them oiled always.
Don’ts are:
Don’t do any job with your nails which can actually be done by scissors, pliers or hammer.
Don’t cut cuticles
Don’t shape your nail when they are damp.
Don’t keep your hand in hot water, this will lead to breakage of your nail.
Don’t bite or chew your nails.



Use orange stick or nail brush to clean your nails.
Don’t put your hand in detergent for a long time; this will again lead to breakage of your nails.
Don’t peels-off your nail polish as and when you wish, always use a standard remover to remove your nail polish. As this is the correct method to clean your nails.
These are some few important dos and don’ts that you are supposed to follow in order to keep your nail look strong, healthy and beautiful.

French Manicure – An Elegant Design For The Nails

The French manicure has remained well-liked for several years, and there is good reason. This kind of nail polishing is simple but very elegant. It is natural looking that most women like in contrast to painting nails bright and unnatural hues. The French Manicure is suitable for every kind of occasion whether it is work or play because the basic colors of a French manicure are very light or colorless. You can use a French manicure at your workplace putting on a business suit or with a dinner in your evening dress.



The French manicure is essentially a polishing design that takes a number of steps to finish. The nail is decorated with a pinkish or natural color and the tip is painted white. There is a clear demarcation between the nail tip and the rest of the nail.
Naturally, we are now living in a world of creativity nowadays and lots of women now prefer to decorate their French manicure with nail art. It is a decoration added to one or more nails. However, nail art ought to be selected carefully in order to not dilute the elegant designing of a French manicure.

SNS Gelous Color is the one and only product that is able to create both the natural look of a French Color Tip and the multiple color designs. With over 350 colors, you can perform many types of design: Embedded 3D design, design background etc. “With SNS Gelous Colors, the possibilities are endless!” Visit us for more information


Glitter Nail Art With French Manicure

You would utilize the whitened-colored powder to create a French manicure to essentially fresh paint the disposable side from the nail making a perfectly curving smile line to best increase your natural nail form. Use sheer pink powder, possibly after or before you have made your French whitened-colored tip, in regards to the appearance you have to obtain.


French manicure Glitter Nail Art looks spectacular with quite simple designs. As an illustration, a hands colored floral as well as a rhinestone is very easy to produce but seems good clean when using the French manicure background.

Other French manicure designs might be made using fiberglass, acrylic (liquid and powder) or Glitter Nail Art. All extension or advancement items possess a whitened-colored tip option for dealing with this French well-saved look, with SNS nails’ choice of dipping system , being a skilled nail expert you will find a way to produce long-lasting French manicure nail art making use of acrylic shapes, glitters and gold beads to title a few.
The dipping process is easy and instructions can be found in the SNS instruction book, plus a listing of all of the necessary items you will have to make these kinds of stunning designs.

French manicure is considered as the popular service a professional nail technician can offer. It’s wonderful thoroughly clean, matches anything and you may make sure it is enjoyable with colored flowers, rhinestones, dots, and glitters.

A French manicure appearance that is stepping into recognition might be overturn French or colored tip. Overturn French still uses the pink and whitened-colored powders but uses the whitened-colored inside the entire nail your pink across the nail tip. This could be commonly colored in almost any color powder you have. Great mixtures are lively pink and vibrant yellow or metallic crimson and silver.


Another style throughout the French manicure is created by altering French whitened-shaded tip finding a colored glitter nail art, especially for your holidays or possibly a getting together with. You ought to use glitter pieces, regular glitter or iridescent flakes and select from hundreds of Gelous Colors inside the SNS nails’ website


Essential Information For Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are extremely popular amongst ladies that want lengthy nails but they are getting difficulty growing their natural nails. They are the most often used and known as artificial nails. This kind of artificial nails can also be properly the most broadly utilized by women, particularly those who’re always on the go and wish to maintain their nails lengthy.


Acrylic nails will also be renowned for their sturdiness. Among all nail overlays, those are the kinds that can last for very long without a lot of maintenance and careful care. However, you should not be too hard on your unnatural nails otherwise you will need a visit to your manicurist to avoid loosening and accumulation of mildew once water becomes held in. A professional are capable of doing the required maintenance should this happen to your nails but there may be weakening of the nail plate.

Maintain this type of unnatural nails generally includes regular filling because the natural nail develops. You can do this every 2 or 3 weeks based on your nail growth. Since they are regarded as the most frequently applied unnatural nails, it is most likely you could look for a spot where one can have maintenance and repairs in case you have any problems with your nails while traveling to another city.

 Acrylic nails ought to be applied and made by a skilled manicurist. It is vital that they are placed correctly to create them look as thin so that as natural as you possibly can. If incorrectly done, acrylic nails may look extremely thick and artificial. However, if properly applied, they are able to last really long and be very durable.

Removing these unnatural nails can cause some amount of discomfort and can be damaging to your natural nails if done improperly. In order to take them out securely, you will require acetone, nail clippers, nail file, and cream or essential olive oil. You might also need to be really careful. However, getting them removed by a manicurist is the perfect choice.

Use of acrylic nails provides a good option to growing natural nails which is a terrific way to flaunt beautifully lengthy and polished nails.

Recommendations To Maintain Your Nails Strong And Pretty

It’s that period for cleaning and outside growing plants. Whilst our hands and nails are a fundamental element of these work, you don’t have to damage your manicure. Consider the nail care tips below along with your nails will not ever show you’ve been digging inside the dirt or scrubbing that home floor.
1. For cleaning and daily cleaning that need you get the hands wet, put on 100 % cotton-lined rubber mitts to guard your nails. Why? Our fingernails swell after they get wet and shrink simply because they dry, which then causes our fingernails to own less strength. Cotton-lined rubber mitts might help absorb moisture and both of your hands and nails dry.
2. While working in a garden, it is recommended, just like cleaning, to use the best kind of mitts. When facing with moist soil, chemicals, or liquid manure, it is advisable to use rubber mitts that are water resistant. For gardening projects including excavating or weeding, consider wearing thicker mitts produced from cow-hide.


3. Apply some lotion on your hands or apply cream on your cuticles to moisturize, before putting on cleaning or gardening gloves. Try hands creams that have oils such as shea butter, eucalyptus, rose or jojoba.

sns nail

4. To help prevent cracks within your nails, rub moisturizer in it that includes alpha-hydroxy acid or lanolin into nail tips. For the next moisturizing agent, you may even massage vitamin E antioxidant oil for your cuticles. Keep a bottle of vitamin E antioxidant oil alongside your lavatories sink to help remind yourself to apply it to your cuticles.
5. When filing or buffing your nails, generally go in one direction. If you file or buff your nails forward and backward, this will make splitting.

Gel Nails Vs Acrylic Nails

Artificial Nails are here Acrylic nails and gel nails which are unnatural nails that make up for brittle and short fingernails or toenails.
Acrylic nails are made by blending a liquefied plus a powder (a monomer plus a polymer) which varieties a liquid of heavy persistence. This fluid will be placed onto all-natural nails as synthetic fingernails or toenails.


Gel nail is really a premixed monomer and polymer gel that may be used on the nail and then remedied. There are 2 types of gel fingernails. Light remedied assortment is treated by disclosing it to ultra violet rays following the gel has been employed. The no-light-weight assortment is cured using a gel activator that may be sprayed or brushed about the nail. The no-lighting range remedies more rapidly in comparison to the light-weight gel fingernails or toenails and possess the added benefit of not demanding the Ultra-violet light devices.


These artificial nails are cracking as by having wanted length, many sorts of nail craft can be achieved about them to toss one’s fingertips an attractive look. Acrylic nail models have changed significantly properly populated with women recently.
There are some differences between Acrylic Nails and Gel Nails indeed. Acrylic nails emerged just before gel nails. And so they are more quickly available than gel nails. It is additionally more readily found nail salons that offer acrylic fingernails as compared with gel fingernails or toenails. Because they have been close to longer than their equivalent, most nail experts at salons and spas have a great deal of encounter about how to apply and remove acrylic nails.
Gel nails fall away from out on this benefit to acrylic fingernails or toenails since they are relatively new. Gel nails present a more natural look to one’s fingers than acrylic nails, however. They look as outstanding as organic very long nails. They can be softer and more versatile than acrylic fingernails. Also, gel fingernails or toenails are odorless as compared with their acrylic brethren. They generally do not inform the solid smelling chemical substances to apply or get rid of as acrylic fingernails or toenails do. These robust chemicals employed in acrylic fingernails could cause greater harm to the fingernails than gel nails can. Alleviating time for gel nails is reduced than the acrylic types. Also they might require much less stuffing through the program method.
In spite of each of the pros, gel nails will have their particular drawbacks. Gel fingernails do not very last as long as acrylic ones. When performed correctly together with proper nail treatment, acrylic fingernails or toenails usually last considerably longer than gel nails do. Also nail polishes do not remain so long on gel fingernails or toenails while they do on acrylic fingernails or toenails. When you split your acrylic fingernails it’s easy to fix it up you. Gel nails are demanding to be done at home, however. Besides finding salon technicians with the desired level of expertise in applying gel nails, these nails come at a higher monetary value than the acrylic ones. Also gel fingernails or toenails eternally should be filed away from. They can’t be drenched aside.

When contemplating acrylic nails compared to the gel nails, you need to recognize that every single features its own positives and negatives. Everyone wants perfection. However, income and time transformed fundamental factors worth considering when it comes to shaping which type of artificial nails to go for.